RHYTHMS FROM AROUND THE ARAB WORLD- Volume 4 of series produced by Nourhan Sharif -Gulf, Egypt, Iraq, North Africa, Levant-
Performed by Karim Nagi with Boujemaa Razgui

TRACKS Introduction by Percussionist Karim Nagi

1) GULF “Khaligi” – 2) Adani 4/4 – 3) Sowt 8/4 EGYPT “Masri”: 4) Bambi 8/4 – 5) Zaffa 4/4 North African “Maghrebi” : 6) Moroccan Shaabi 6/8 – 7) Hadari 4/4 IRAQ “Iraqi” : 8) Jurjuna 10/8 – 9) Chobie 4/4 and 6/4 LEVANT “Dabkaat” : 10) Malfuf for Dabka 6/4 – 11) Maksoum for Dabka 12/4

This CD was created for drummers and dancers alike. Our goal is to show the great variety and diversity found among the different regions, countries, and genres of the Arab world. This recording introduces rhythms from five major geographic regions of Arab world: the Gulf “Khaligi” (Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait, and the Emirates), Egypt “Masri”, North Africa (Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia), Iraq, and the Levant or Arab East (Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Jordan). Do to time restraints, only two rhythms from each of these five regions are provided, as each region could easily fill an entire CD or more by itself. (Unfortunately, the continental African-Arab countries like Sudan, Somalia and Mauritania are not covered.) Several genres are covered, such as rhythms for vocal music (Sowt, Jurjuna), rhythms for group line dance (Dabkaat and Chobie), rhythms for spiritual rituals (Hadari) and rhythms for wedding ceremonies (Zaffa). When listening to this recording, you will begin to experience many concepts in Arab rhythm found in varying degrees, such as syncopation, swing, and polyrhythm (especially among the Gulf and North African samples). By using strong drumming with the Riqq, Tabla, Dhola, Duff, Bendir, and Karakab, each rhythm is given the strong propulsion necessary to create song and dance routines, as well as simply for practice. It is our hope that this CD will show both the diversity and unity among the beautiful rhythms found within this huge array of countries united by the same language and culture. – Karim Nagi

MUSICIANS Karim Nagi: Tabla, Riqq, Dhola, Duff, Bendir, Claps, Narration, and Musical Arrangements
Boujemaa Razgui (North African rhythms): Tabla, Riqq, Dhola, Bendir, Karakab

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Rhythms Vol 4

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